I feel terribly guilty, I haven't updated the website for a long time...... bad me. To mark a new era of trying to find new friends and turn them into zealots, we have had our first monthly meeting! 

Here are the minutes;

Attendees: GixxeR, Alpho and Twiggy,
Agenda: Wasn't planned,
Discussed: Nothing, realized we are a gaming group not a multi-national corporation (and we have lives) so we ended the meeting and played some games. (Why else are we here?)

Joking aside, I don't actually know if anyone even reads this but it might interest you to know (whomever you are) me and Twiggy are playing alot of Planetside 2, and oh my gosh! Battlefield 3 is still really fun!

If you have any friends you would like to invite to HZG do it! Just do it! 

09/03/2013 2:08pm

Great meeting. <UGA> has nothing on this shit


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